About Me

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Hello, there!  I’m April.  I’m a wife, mom, teacher, blogger and photographer…

You might be thinking that I’m crazy for trying to balance so much, but the truth is, I really love taking beautiful photos.

     My journey with photography began when my daughter was born.  I wanted to take gorgeous pictures of her little hands, delicate eyelashes, and tiny toes.   I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about photography and how to make mine better.  Slowly, my desire for capturing beautiful photos of my daughter grew into wanting to take beautiful photos of my family members, friends, etc.  As my confidence in my ability to capture meaningful images grew, the idea to turn my hobby into something more began to form.

     The way we define beautiful photography can be subjective.  To me, a beautiful photo is one that captures the personality of an individual or the connection between family members.  I prefer more natural and candid shots to the posed “everybody look at the camera and smile” photos {although, I do try to snap some of those too}!  I love to utilize natural light and rarely use a flash.  I consider myself a “natural light” photographer.  I enjoy taking risks and getting input from my subjects for different photo ideas!

     Photography makes me happy.  After a successful photo shoot, I feel a true sense of satisfaction and joy.  {In fact, it isn’t unusual for me to sing along to every song on the radio on my way home from a shoot…ha!}  If you are interested in scheduling a photo shoot with me, please check out my photo galleries, check out my pricing, and contact me with any further questions or to set up an appointment!

Have a great day!

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